We are in close communication with customers, and we can almost always find the best possible solution for their needs. Thanks to our experienced team and cooperation with reputable companies, we are able to repair machinery and equipment to ensure a very rapid production and replacement of spare parts during unplanned failures.

We offer technical advice during the the realization of machines and equipment.

We are able to

  • ► make drawings, including the design of the production process
  • ► design and provide heat treatment – material selection, annealing, hardening, quenching, nitriding
  • ► provide surface treatment – blackening, galvanizing, nickel plating, anodizing, painting, chromium plating, ceramic surface coating etc.

For agricultural and construction machinery, we manufacture and fit hardened pins and bushings and repair worn parts by chrome plating and welding on hardenable materials and nonferrous metals.

We are also engaged in locksmithing and the production of sheet metal parts, weldments and bent components. We weld using the CO2 method and coated electrodes. We are able to weld stainless steel parts and cast iron.