Company history

The history of the company dates back to 2000, when it was called Plus Logistics s.r.o., which was taken over by sole trader Josef Kopeček in 2009, under whose name it acted.
Due to the increasing quality of services offered, the company was converted to KOVO-Kopeček s.r.o., in 2012.
In the beginning, the company only dealt with the cooperation of companies supplying goods abroad. We currently have a wide range of domestic and foreign customers, with whom we have been working for many years. Our major partners are involved in the woodworking, food, aviation, chemical and automotive industries.

As a small family business, we try to accommodate all our customers. We take an individual approach to each one. We are able to satisfy both private individuals with the production of small parts, and large companies that are increasingly demanding not only the production of individual parts, but also the supply of complete units. We are able to supply components ranging from millimetre parts to several- ton weldments, including finishes.

Our location 30 km north of Brno is easily accessible not only for Blanensko, Boskovicko, Brno and the surroundings area, but also for the entire South Moravian Region.

You do not have to arrange the transportation. We will arrange it for you.